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Sanitätshaus Westerholt offers all supply options, the patient expect from an orthopedic technology specialists.

Service: Wheelchair, Protheses, Otheses, Compression stockings

Do you suffer from back pain and you want to know where the afflications come from?

The 3D/4D spine measurement is a medical procedure. This measurement is useful for back, spinal problems and adaptation of deposits and shoes.

Orthopedic insoles simultaneously relieve feet, knee, hip and spine. The Company Bauerfeind provides more than 300 different models.


  • Wheelchair
  • Electromobiles
  • Rollators
  • Oxygen equipment
  • Orthoses and Protheses

The tasks of the technical Orthopedics include the production of individual protheses and orthoses and the provision of rehabilitation aids such as deposits, bandages or crutches.

BEMER devices improve the limited pumping movements of the small vessels. Therefore BEMER is an effective treatment option for many diseases and health disorders. In order to avoid operations and improve the blood circulation, you can use the Bemer devices. Health must be proven by this and healing is supported.

The Alpha pharmacy is one of the most famous pharmacies in Bad Oeynhausen.