In 2010, the company ,,FALCON” was founded under the motto
"Your Bridge to Germany."

FALCON organizes the medical stay in Germany for patients from Arab countries.


Our Falcare service is specialized in comprehensive care of patients.

Our business activities include:

  • The planning of your medical consultations with famous doctors for your disease pattern
  • Obtaining your treatment plans before the admission to the hospital Clinic
  • Obtaining of estimate of costs for your medical treatment in Germany
  • Translation services that are available at anytime
  • Organizing Drivers & Limousines according to your wishes
  • An advisory service by expert doctors and therapists, that is available for patients regarding all their medical issues
  • The supply of medical aids by our special partners
  • Training for doctors with our long-standing cooperation partners

Due to our long-standing business activities, we have a great variety of contacts and have established a network of business people and interested parties. This network is concerned with interests of Muslim citizens for example in the food sector. As a coordinator, we bring these contacts together.

We support our business partners in the import and export of medicines as well as in medical products.

In addition to its care activities for Arab patients, FALCON is involved in several PROJECTS at home and abroad.

Our long-standing knowledge is requested by our partners and sponsors for the support and guidance of projects. We advise our clients on the development of concepts and accompany them in the planning and monitoring of projects, for example by the planning of rehabilitation facilities.

We place great importance on ensuring that your requests will be considered and after your successful medical treatment you can happily reminisce about the time with us in Germany.

Our ultimate goal is to make your stay with us
comfortable and successful.

For more information contact us so that we can send you brochures about the clinics.